About us

Hi, we love to travel and we love board games. So, whenever we visited a place which also was featured in a board game, we got really excited. That’s how we came up with the idea of mixing the two of them together.

About us: We are husband and wife, we work in the online industry, we live in Romania and almost all our free time is spent with travelling and board games and sometimes both in the same time. We made for ourselves “travel kits” for some of our most beloved games so that they can easily fit in any travel bag no matter how small and we can play and have fun on our trips.

Most of our board games can be played in 2p so that’s one of the main conditions when buying board games (though we made a few exceptions). So, if you see any mistakes on the map it’s probably because we haven’t played the game and we kindly ask you to tell us so we can correct them.

With all that being said, we hope you will have fun with our little project! You can contact us here 🙂